Can you hook up 4 speakers to a mono amp Mono amp hooked up to two speakers

Can you hook up 4 speakers to a mono amp

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We will use the summary table from that article. I need a 2-channel amplifier with 2 ohm impedance.

That is, there is only one amplifier and one speaker in the box. The in-wall volume controls have a selector to specify how many pairs of speakers are installed so that they can properly match the impedances. The video in Understanding Speaker Impedance explains how speaker selectors help with impedance protection. For an easy way to calculate the total impedance of speakers in parallel, try my simple Speakers in Parallel Calculator.

If the amp were only stereo because the tuner is great. I learned a lot from reading this page and the associated likes and was able to purchase the correct equipment and to successfully install a multi-room system in my house. The same cannot be said for a grossly wrong impedance with solid state.

Technical Explanation

A Day in the Life of the Internet. Hi Jim, The Adcom seems a very solid amplifier.

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Both are 8 ohm, and I have them on the 4 ohm tap. Also are they the only speakers you have or are they in addition to an existing sound system? Most modern amplifiers have some sort of limiting circuit to stop the elite dating website working if it is overloaded.

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This illustrates the maximum capacities of the amplifier. Depending on the impedance of your speakers and the rating of your amplifier, you should be able to use two pairs of speakers connected to a HiFi amplifier.

Multiple Speakers on One Amplifier

Then there is the built in protection in the amp which will turn the amp off if the load draws too much power. You also suggested that I could use the speaker selector, with the impedance matching feature turned off, if I wanted to be able to turn audio off to certain rooms.

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The great thing about tubes is that they really aren't that picky. Also if the speakers each have a different impedance, then there will be different power levels available to each speaker. I am starting to think solid state is where I need to be.

Speaker Impedance Changes Amplifier Power. Just make sure you set the amp volume according the steps in this article.

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First of all i would like to thank you for your precious information. Therefore the equivalent circuit would be similar, but with a different impedance, therefore a different current as shown here: With four speakers connected to a 2-channel amplifier, you will only have two speakers connected to each channel. Also, the lower the speaker impedance, the more current required from the amplifier.

Mono amp hooked up to two speakers Discussion in ' Tube Audio ' started by can-manOct 5, They are normally good for lower powered amplifiers, and the resistor can get hot at high volume levels. The reason being, all the electronics will be designed to deliver 5 amps.

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